The GTX 650 Ti is Nvidia's answer for the budget-minded PC gamer, giving you a strong graphics card that can play newer games for a reasonable price.

When you play games or edit videos, you don't want to worry about your graphics card slowing you down. With 768 CUDA cores and at least 1GB of memory, the GTX 650 Ti is sure to keep the action going. Ti stands for Titanium, and it is a name used by Nvidia to signify an increase in performance from the standard model number.

The GTX 650Ti are powered by two different chipsets. While the 650 uses the GK107 chip that provides 384 cores, the 650 Ti uses the stronger GK106 chip that provides over twice the processing power at 768 cores. The GTX 650 Ti also has higher memory bandwidth and faster memory, giving you a significant performance increase compared to the GTX 650.

While you can play many modern games on high settings, advanced PC gamers will likely find the GTX 650 Ti limited in the areas they like to tinker with the most. For example, the card lacks dual card SLI support. Nvidia states that the SLI linking system was removed from the 650 Ti to make it more affordable. While this is good news if you want an affordable single card system, it is disappointing if you want to boost your graphics experience by doubling up your video cards in an SLI build.

Overclocking can be an exciting and nerve wracking experience. Pushing your graphics card to the limit and getting great results by boosting your GPU is very rewarding. Unfortunately for advanced users, Nvidia decided to leave the GPU Boost feature out of this graphics card, so if you are looking for a graphics card that will monitor your GPU performance for you and adjust the performance accordingly, you may want to upgrade to a higher model card. On the other hand, if pushing your card's limits does not interest you, or if you are nervous about frying your video card by overclocking too much, then the GTX 650 Ti's lack of GPU boosting features is an advantage.

Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti Summary:

Overall, the GTX 650 Ti is a great mid-range graphics card. While it lacks some advanced features, it does have great processing speed, fast memory and an affordable price, so you can step into better graphics performance without breaking the bank.

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Nvidia GeForce GTX 650 Ti

The GTX 650 Ti is 40 percent faster than the GTX 650, and it is DirectX 11 compatible.

This card does not support SLI configurations or GPU boost.

The Verdict
: 7.53/10

The GTX 650 Ti is a strong mid-range graphics card capable of handling PhysX games on medium to high settings.